This is my first blog post.  I have tbought about starting this blog for years.  After being diagnosed with asthma, I tried finding a support group, people who understood the challenges posed by living with asthma, people who could share advice on how they manage. I still haven’t found quite what I was looking for, but I have learned a lot myself in the meantime, and dedided it is time to share with you all.

I am calling this blog “Asthmatic Athlete,” because I want to highlight that anything is possible, and because I like alliteration.  I’m not an athlete in any professional sense, and don’t have a body that screams ‘athlete,’ but I do enjoy various recreational expercise – running, yoga, walking, hiking, weightlifting, dancing… and I suppose that makes me an athlete!  My plan is to share my journey with asthma with all of you, and hopefully inspire you to be an athlete, or anything else you dream of, even with asthma.

Thanks for joining me!

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