As usual, winter has been tough for me.  Right around the holidays, when I’m rushing from one event to another while working extra hours (it is the busiest time of year in my line of work, nonprofit fundraising), the weather changes, and that new nip in the air invariably leads to a round of asthmatic bronchitis.  I’ve been fortunate this year to not actually get sick – I only sound like I am.  That deep, deep cough that initially led a stranger to diagnose my disease in a bookstore (that’s a story for another day).

Anyway, I’ve been struggling through on three different inhalers, and for the past month the only exercise I’ve gotten is the walk to and from my car, an occasional flight of stairs at the office if it’s a good day, and a few little stretches while cooking dinner at night.  Today I finally felt up to trying a little more, so when I got home from work I popped in a favorite yoga DVD and selected the shortest sequence it had to offer – a simple seven minute routine.

It was Heaven!  To finally be able to move, stretch, tie my breathing to my movements and feel connected, was amazing. I was able to do it without coughing!

My muscles are crazy tight.  Until the yoga today I hadn’t realized just how much a month of time off and high doses of albuterol had done to my flexibility.  I’ve got a journey ahead of me,  working my muscles back to my normal, and adding back in more exercise as my lungs recover from the bronchitis.  But I’m looking forward to it, and to bringing you along with me for the ride!


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